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Environmental Principles

AMNAV Maritime recognizes the importance of efficiently meeting the waterborne transportation needs of our customers in an environmentally sound manner while protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public. The management and the employees of AMNAV Maritime are committed to continuously improving the compatibility of our operations with the environment.



Shore-side and operating personnel are knowledgeable of and routinely train through drills and safety meetings to meet State and Federal guidelines, and operating emergencies. Tugs are also equipped with task-distinct safety and operating equipment including towing winches, fenders, lines and hawsers, and spark arresting exhausts. The Company has defined operating and safety procedures and work rules including alcohol and drug prevention, confined space entry, material safety data sheets, use of personal protective safety equipment, hazardous condition awareness, and personnel testing.

Member since August 2000

AMNAV Maritime complies with the American Waterway Operators (AWO) Responsible Carrier Program (RCP), which works to eliminate injuries, accidents, and pollution. The AWO Program operates under three principal areas: Management and Administration, Equipment and Inspections, and Human Factors. We are committed to continuous improvement in these key areas, which helps maintain the best safety performance record in the industry.


Quality & Safety Certifications

In order to continuously improve our operations, ensure the safety of our people, equipment, and the environment, AMNAV complies with and is working toward certification of the following quality and safety standards.

ISO (International Organization of Standards) provides a framework and common technological language between suppliers and their customers throughout the globe to define standards and processes of our business systems. AMNAV complies with ISO 9000 Quality Management System standards and is currently certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, a third party auditor.

ISM Code (International Safety Management), established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), promotes a safety culture and requires that companies develop a Safety Management System (SMS). It helps companies commit to giving priority to safety and environmental protection in their operational activities. AMNAV has attained a Voluntary Document of Compliance through third party auditing by ABS. Although voluntary for the majority of the fleet, all of our tugs also undergo annual auditing to maintain their own individual Safety Management Certificates demonstrating compliance with the system.


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