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Being the “Great People, Great Service” company is what has made AMNAV a recognized leader in marine services for nearly thirty years. We continue to stand on the foundation of excellence, reliability, and safety to provide the best service at the “best value.” Moreover, we remain flexible and agile to create customized service solutions, leveraging assets and resources to meet the needs and requirements of the next generation of customers.



Our innovative and well-maintained fleet is always there to meet our customer’s diverse needs, while adhering to the highest safety standards in the industry. Quality equipment and highly skilled people are the key components to providing our best service at the “best value.”

  • ​Ship Assist Services
  • Tanker and Barge Escorts
  • Harbor and Offshore Towing
  • Emergency Response
  • Port Security and Safety Escorting
  • Marine Construction Support
  • Deck Barge Services
  • Military Operations and Warship Assist
  • Vessel and Barge Towing
  • Salvage
  • Shipyard Vessel Assist
  • Crew Boat Services
  • 24-Hour Dispatch Operations
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