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Quality Equipment

All of AMNAV’s vessels are maintained and equipped to exceed U.S. Coast Guard and local port requirements. Our equipment has been thoroughly vetted by the American Waterways Operators and has been certified to be in compliance with their Responsible Carrier Program. State-of-the-industry electronic navigation and communication equipment further enhances our fleet’s ability to safely service our clients’ requirements.

Click on the picture to see the tug specs.

Advanced Technology​
Committed to providing the “Best Value” with the highest standards in reliability and safety, AMNAV Maritime boasts a wide range of vessels. With a diverse fleet with horse power in excess of 5,000, including ASD/Z-Drive tractor and conventional, twin-screw equipment, AMNAV is always able to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our balanced and complementary fleet allows AMNAV to deliver an outstanding service at the “Best Value.”

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